Who’s naked? ME or YOUR MIND-SET!

Clothes do not matter. The hard work and determination does. The dedication does. Stop telling us what to wear and start treating us as you treat male doctors. The edit was made by my amazingly talented friend Mukesh, follow him on instagram for more edits like these and beautiful content. Ig: @dragon_not_a_worm_

Do you only board a bus if the driver is wearing brown?

Does the queen of England only rule, when she has her crown?

Do you enter a restaurant’s kitchen to check if the chefs wearing a coat?

Do you look out for a politician’s attire, before casting a vote?

Do the police forget how to protect as they take off their uniform?

As the sportswear comes off, do athletes lose their form?

Do the tricks escape the mind as a magician takes off his hat?

Without the jersey and the gloves, does a batsman forget how to bat?

A lawyer’s wit and wisdom leaves her without the white and black attire?

Without the blue clothes, a mechanic cannot change a tyre?

When it is the person not the clothes that does all the learning!

When a strong desire to heal and save a life is burning.

Why is a doctor addressed as a sister, just because of the gender?

And if a little skin is seen, she’s thrown into a blender!

Why does it matter what is worn inside the white coat?

Why does it matter if the clothes do not come up to her throat?

When you arrive at the ER, breathing on the edge of a knife;

She could be naked, but she’d still save your life.



It is no joke when they say that love can sweep you off of your feet. It is also no joke that books can make you imagine wonderful things. Will this ever become a reality? Do I ever want this to be my reality? I’m gonna leave that to destiny.


A new love story in the making!

So outlandish, it’ll leave the world shaking!!


No expectations, no duties to be fulfilled!

At every touch, their hearts shall be thrilled!!


Teaching each other to love thyself first!

Growing together through the best and through the worst!!


Never have they ever felt such a connection!

Happy to be each other’s Reynard and Vixen!!


With no promises of always and forever being made,

Living in the present while past, they evade.


Life has now taken an amazing turn!

Let them old memories of melancholy, burn!!


Will this uncanny bond ever be approved?

With its enchanting composure, will the masses be moved?


All of that, only time will tell!

Until then, they shall happily bloom from their shell!!


The Mask of Happiness

Life takes extreme turns at unexpected times.


With a highly contagious positive spirit

and the happiest smile that she could exhibit!

The ‘overly active’, as named by her peers!

Why does she put herself to sleep in tears?


With immense support from her family and friends!

The heights she aims to reach, never end!!

Filled with active energy in her life!

Why is she so fond of the sharpness of that knife?


Juggling between multiple roles that she easily takes on!

She has had the highest aspirations, since the day she was born!!

Quickly crossing out goals on her bucket list!

Boy!! Are those scars that you see on her wrists?


Who is she? The girl that we see!

Struggling with her demons to set herself free!!

Is she the happy girl that we are let on to believe!

Or is she cleverly hiding her sorrows under her sleeve?




A throwback to 2 years ago when I wrote this poem but couldn’t gather the strength to upload it. I am definitely proud of growing stronger and also for putting my past behind.


I want to be mad at this time of imbalance.

But knowing your reactions, I prefer silence.

Seems like happiness forever is now not plausible,

Because your mood swings make it impossible.

This minute you’re angry, the next you cry!

Knowing my feelings is something you never wanna try!!

If I am sad about something, it magically becomes your moment!

You turn every situation and feelings into a tournament!!

It’s been 18 months, never once did I try to protest

Cause the next thing I’ll see, is you running away on your bike on a quest.

You get so carried away by your emotions, you forget the world!

Or, do you have a feeling that around you it’s swirled?

I have tried all the ways possible to catch up with you!

You always come up with new ways, leaving me no clue!!

When everything is smooth, you mess it up by overthinking!

Now, I am a mess and my mind is shrinking!!

I feel jailed but you live in a world of your imagination,

You feel like you are the best man in the entire nation.

You don’t even support me, all you do is shout.

But I am in this too deep, I cannot get out.

I’ve forgotten my needs and myself, boy!

Played by you, in your hands, a mere toy!!



This was a poem I found while cleaning my room. I wrote it back then in inter and I’m so proud of how much I’ve grown along the years. I found this really silly and hilarious.

“God! Get me out of school!”, shouts the mind of every child.

When all the homeworks and exams make them go wild.

Well, I was no different from any other,

Eagerly waiting to have no such thing to bother.

Finally came the day, when my wish was granted,

I was enrolled in a college which was the most wanted.

While looking forward to the new adventures in life

I overlooked that I was about to walk on a sharp knife.

I thought it would be easy and full of fun,

Unaware that I was entering a study den.

Now, I wake up only to study

Books, being my only buddy.

Refelcting on my foolish thoughts, I laugh

I strongly deserve to be hit by a staff.

I miss my friends, teachers and school

The fun we had together, was so cool.

It’s clear, the reason behind the happiness I lack

I so badly want my school life back.

P.S. I don’t really wanna go back anymore😹


All hail, President Trump!!

This is my second take at topical poetry and my first at a satire. I think the satire part didn’t really work but I’m sure I’ll get there. Meanwhile, enjoy!!

Bathrooms overflowing, terraces leaking;
Lights fluttering, floors squeaking.

Food is Poison served in cat licked plates;
A girl talking to a guy only attracts hate.

Critically understaffed, highly over-worked.
A place where cows, racoons and dogs lurk.

The monarchs came and we lost our recognition;
These extreme conditions caused an ignition.

But let’s focus on what’s more important;
You cannot over power me with a simple warrant.

Let’s build a wall in between, so that girls and boys cant meet;
Let’s put up cameras, so that we catch those that dare to cheat.

Let’s save mother Earth by planting numerous gardens;
I’m the puppeteer, my puppets are the wardens.

I’m gonna conduct a quiz once in a blue moon;
Feel like having me as a teacher is their greatest boon.

But classes are not important at all;
You’ll learn what you have to when you’re on-call.

I show a high level of discrimination in colour and gender;
And where do I get this amazing confidence, you wonder?

Well, I have two words for people who want to follow along my route;
Money and Politics, I am Groot.


Thanks, Sir!!

A wonderful teacher who made us realise the value of every second had to leave our college and it broke our hearts. We wish we didn’t have to say good bye to him.

Did you ever have a teacher that leaves an impact?
Changes your life, for a matter of fact!

When you have taken life for granted and don’t know how to revive!
Has a professor guided you and helped you thrive?

We have a teacher who pulled us through!
Believed in us, because, once he stood in our shoes!!

He kept pushing us because he knew we’d come around!
Untill we held ourselves on a firm ground.

He did scold us when we made a mistake!
Because he knew that our lives were at stake.

He taught us how to stay true to our profession!!
He has made on us, a long lasting impression.

I thankyou sir, for being so unbiased and wonderful!
And making our pathology so easy and colourful!!



Long time!!!

In the final year of my medicine now and it’s so stressful, given that I’m surrounded by people with high expectations from me. This poem is a much needed realisation to fulfill my dreams.

Every second of every day, I’m stressed;
Fearful of not doing enough to keep you impressed.

You embellished your trust and gave me a crown;
I’m afraid that again, I might let you down.

At every stage of my life, you had your hopes high;
I accept that I’ve always failed you, I won’t lie.

Now I’m worried that history might repeat itself.
I should have boxed up my dreams and stored them on a shelf.

Why do you expect so much from me?
What if I was only born to plant a tree?

Did I decide my future in a haste?
Am I letting my potential go waste?

I know you only want the best for me.
A life filled with nothing but happiness and glee.

You never said no to anything I’ve wanted
Any wish I had, I was always granted.

But, how far is it okay to rationalize?
Its killing me from the inside, I hope you realize.

It was for your satisfaction, all that I’ve endured;
If I don’t start living for myself, I’ll end up a failure.


Own Yourself

It’s all about self confidence y’all. Everyone faces their share of inner demons and for me those were the facts that I talk too much and I’m forgetful. It took me a while to realize that it’s okay. It’s okay to be someone who cannot hide their feelings and do not act like something they are not. You will get you’re share of hatred but in the end all that matters is that you love yourself and be truthful to who you are.

“I am 100% sure”, I yelled
Because I was compelled.

Not by any external force
‎It came from an inner source

The source was fuelled by fear of refusal
Terrified, I’d receive my peer’s disapproval

I forget about the things that have actually happened
Override those memories with the ones that I have imagined

And also, I’m way too clumsy with the daily things
Incapable of dealing with the repercussions it brings.

I’m petrified of the thought of being constantly judged
A cure, an elixir of non-existence, I’ve searched.

But, WHY? A question I should have asked myself first.
Why should I try and quench their thirst?

Why should I be ashamed of the person I am?
For, all that I’ve been through, I’ve done it with glam.

Nobody could have done it my way, I know for sure
Nobody would have gone through all of what I’ve endured

There, the cure for non-existence, right before my eyes.
In accepting myself the way I am, it lies.

What would be the value of all those judgements?
If I don’t get bothered by the pesky little comments.

I am solely responsible for who I’ve become today
So, I am gonna continue doing it MY WAY.


A Blast From The Past

Every loss is a lesson.

When I was young, I was a big fool

Amidst all the rumours, I found you cool.

Deafened by the peer pressure, so loud

I failed to notice, I was just your passing cloud

As time went by, you kept pushing me away

My heights of stupidity, persuaded me to stay

You probably thought of me as a dumb joke

The truth hit me much later like a stroke

My friends kept telling me how wrong my choices were

I stood up for you, but I guess you’d never care

What could I expect from a man not faithful enough?

For whom, accepting obvious truths was clearly tough!

Whenever i’d ask you to face the reality

You’d stick trust issues on me with cruelty

After great difficulty we went our separate ways

But in my mind, a thought still lays

What if we would have met in a different situation?

Would you still be having the same impression?

We shared something really special or so I thought

But you act like I bring you nothing but distraught

What if we gave another shot and forgot all the bad we shared?

Would you even consider to think that I matter and care?